Create or renovate your digital product fast
with no scaling penalties

Fast prototyping 

Testing your idea and getting fast user feedback is crucial for a high-quality digital product. Jmix brings the highest productivity boost at the initial stage of the project, helping to deliver MVPs in days instead of weeks.

No scaling penalties

Jmix is licensed per developer and does not lock you into proprietary infrastructure. You get absolutely no charges for scaling your customer base. Open-sourced framework guarantees your product is entirely under your control.

Low development and maintenance costs 

For an ISV, product development and further maintenance are dominating costs. Jmix not only dramatically cuts development efforts but also does the heavy lifting of the technology stack upgrades, helping to keep your product modern and secure.
We configure fairly complex workflows for the customers’ needs, and Jmix in-built features such as the BPM module allow us to adapt to the unique work processes of each customer.
Dave Chaney, Varasset Managing Partner
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Check up the application development flow with a short Quickstart video

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